Thursday, November 27, 2014


see how night rushes
down winter streets

how the pall descends
and suddenly casts
the bold sun to the sea.

thus it has been
since colliding
rocks coalesced

and the diurnal
dance began -
and yet, we hope

for sunrise
for summer


Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Nocturne November

breathe deeply
the darkness,

listen to the rain
pounding drum-beat drops
see glass glisten,
liquid streets stream,

imbibe the stink of mud,
rot of moldering leaf,

as life

(5 Nov 2011)

atmen Sie tief durch

die Dunkelheit,

lauschen Sie den regen
Schlagen Trommelschlag Tropfen
siehe Glas glitzern,
Flüssigkeit Straßen-Stream,

trinken den Gestank von Schlamm,
rot von modernden Blatt,

wie das Leben

Monday, November 17, 2014

Fall Leaves

Wind-ripped leaves
cover my yard

severed flesh, leathery
fingers splayed
grip the brick walkway.

Flush winter roses
drop petals,
red shrouds cover
glistening gold veins
from ravaged trees.

Yet the trees survive.

mimicking death’s
grey angularity
oblivious to the wind,

nude limbs
lean into the howling storm
and dream of June breezes,
singing green afternoons,
the faithful thrush
thrusting new life to flight.

But for now
black clouds gather

the winter wind sings dirges
for these sacrificial leaves
nourishing the famished earth.


Friday, November 14, 2014


Golden eyed, blazing
through summer trees
gently swaying
you blind me,
bind your warm hands
to my sluggish brow
and ignite me with your holy flame.

My heart, fiery and free
soars high, with you
always beside me

leading me
through dissolving mists
‘til pure at last,
at last I see

you’re filling me
with your eternal mind,

making of me your sacred bread,
your free-flowing


Sunday, November 9, 2014

November Sunset

About five o clock,
the warm November day
just stops.

Bright afternoon
slams into evening
not even pausing
for twilight.

Blue sky
dims quickly
to violet,

but over ragged black canyons
the orange sun

and suddenly bursts
into astonishing gold.

Blithely ascending
the bright crescent
claims the cool
velvet night.


Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Faith and Disobedience

When I heard how you raised
the little girl who died,
with searching hands
I found you,
and felt a strange new thirst
for light,

So I begged
for a miracle.

You asked me
if I believed
that you really could do
such a thing,
could illuminate
my personal night.

with inexplicable
faith, I said

and when you touched my eyes,
I saw your face
with a newborn’s sight.

Lord, I cannot lock
your love,
inside my heart!
my very sinews will burst!

So, disobedient in my praise,
I  shout it out
through this bright, new day!